Our Services

We offer many services to help you relax and just feel great! We specialize in therapeutic massage and skincare. All of our massage therapists are state licensed, nationally certified and members of the American Massage Therapy Association. We also offer Spa Packages as well as individual services.

Therapeutic Massage & Body Work

Swedish Massage

Indulge yourself in a therapeutic experience designed to counteract stress, sooth tension and improve circulation. It will leave you relaxed and feeling great.   60 minutes: $70   90 minutes: $100


Deep Tissue

Deeper massage strokes are combined with specific trigger point work to release chronic tight muscles for pain reduction & greater mobility. No more aches and pains!   60 minutes: $80   90 minutes: $115


Hot Stone Massage

Experience a luxurious and relaxing, massage combined with deep heat therapy. Smooth polished Basalt Lava Stones are heated & incorporated into a Swedish Massage. So Pampering!   60 minutes: $95   90 minutes: $140


Sports Massage

This deeper massage is customized to the muscles of your specific sport. Stretching is also incorporated. Go Team!
60 minutes: $80   90 minutes: $115


Medical Massage

This massage is specific to injured or chronic pain areas. The client participates in active resistance and stretching to increase range of motion and restore balance.   60 minutes: $80   90 minutes: $115


Prenatal Massage

Smooth, relaxing strokes are used to relieve aching backs and stress. A prego – pillow is used for comfort and safety. Pregnancy massage can only be done after the first trimester is complete.   1 hour: $75



The use of essential oils are used to soothe your senses and help balance your mind, body and spirit. Add an essential oil of your choice to the massage lotion for an additional $10.   30 minute massages also available - $45+

Deep TissueHot StonesPrenatal

Hand and Foot Treatments

Your hands or feet or both will be oh so pampered with these treatments!

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a method of bringing relaxation, balance and healing through the stimulation of specific points in the feet. By applying pressure to each reflex point it activates the reflexes that help improve blood circulation, relaxation and can have a healing affect on the entire body. Reflexology can be done on the hands also.     30 minutes: $50


Hot Foot Treatment

Hot towels are used to warm and hydrate the feet. A refreshing foot scrub is used to exfoliate rough, dead skin cells. A warm rose mud or marine mask is applied and wrapped in more warm towels. Relax and listen to the soft music… Hot towels are used to remove the mask followed by a wonderful foot massage. Heaven on earth!   $50


Hot Hand Treatment

This is the same treatment as above but used on the hands! So relaxing!   $25


Aqua Vida

Life in Balance
Your feet have thousands of eccrine sweat glands and nerve endings. The feet are an ideal gateway to stimulate the body. We place your feet in warm salinized water. A controlled electrical charge is added. The combination of the water and electricity creates ions in the water.     
or 6 for $240

The Aqua Vida session encourages the body to:Foot Massage

This resynchronization releases toxins so they can flow into the blood and be removed by natural urinary, gastrointestinal and lymphatic action.

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